Shabby Chic - A Do It Yourself Guide

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Then you may be considering transforming castoffs in the style known as shabby chic. All it takes is a pinch of artistic desire, a dash of creative talent and a willingness to acquire both hands dirty, and you can be soon on your way a whole new try to find your decor, while sporting plenty of fun as you go along!

This wonderful style began in Great Britain and reflects the love all of us have for your old country farm homes. People loved the warmth and closeness with the farm as well as 'family appeal'. The closeness of families had started to disappear and the search was to try to take it back before it was past too far! Women began seeking recycled furniture and fabric to realize a trendy upper class decor that could complement the existing country look they so desired to bring too their homes again.

When choosing a chest of drawers locate a chunky and robust statement piece, that may act as well by itself or as a complement to another bold item say for example a French reproduction bed. Other shabby chic characteristics to look out for include layers of paint that have started to peel away and therefore are usually painted in French-country white or pastel shades.

There are stores that supply already distressed shabby-chic style furniture and accessories, but you'll have more pleasant collecting your own pieces and painting them the shades you want to fit your taste. Add an old-fashioned wood fire and you should have recreated your grandmother's kitchen with flair and elegance, and also the sophistication from the present.

Shabby Cottage Chic Colors

The shabby fashion basically identifies something which is sort of worn but remains to be attractive and interesting. The shabby chic style is very messy however charming. It is definitely imperfect yet it continues to be beautiful. If you are a person who refuses to follow the norms of standard beauty and prefers to be unique, than the style is ideal for you. The shabby chic style could be the style that is certainly old-fashioned yet fashionable.

Shabby chic could be the design that needs making items that look old along with poor condition, but usually they are not. These items are strong and opposite for their old look they perfectly fit into any modern style. Let's talk about shabby chic frames. The evolution story on this style is pretty interesting. As we use picture frames in your house, sometimes as a result of minor accident or carelessness, these mirrors can get some scratches or stains. Depending on the design of the merchandise, these scratches may suite the style. Keeping this in your mind, framers and designers started focusing on such frame designs having scratches and stains in it. They named these as shabby chic frames. The best thing about these photo frames is the fact that their design is such that this scars and scratches look purely natural and completely match with the structure and style. One important thing to keep in your mind is with all the shabby chic frames, the lining decor from the room also needs to maintain the identical style otherwise it will not fit the picture style and might give a strange look.

Start by searching in your house or even your mother and father home, check out the basement, attic, or shed for unused and pieces that is to be dumped. Items that are relatively recent but come with an old look can be use in a mode of budget decorating called 'shabby chic'. If you have relatives and friends request pieces of their old, abandoned furniture they want to discard, promise to haul them away.

When decorating your home in this style the simplest starting point for, specifically in an old home, is to use the walls. Often you will find that they have a succession of paints or papers. Carefully peeling layers of the back lets you expose a history of the home and the changing styles it has experienced. However, this layer peeling carried out by an interior designer or someone by having an artistic touch. Mere ripping of paper can just leave your own home appearing like a building site.

Once you have chosen your table, you must lightly sand its surface which means that your new paint will take. Once the table is sanded, you can elect to glue on decorative wooden trims to assist create a more elaborate design. It is better to work with an eggshell paint that can be wiped clean, having a water-based white acrylic undercoat. The water based paints are easier to cleanup afterwards as you only need soapy water, rather than white spirit. You could apply the paint having a roller or even a natural bristle paint brush. As always, paint in the direction of the wood's grain and try to utilize complete strokes from edge to edge. Typical shabby chic paint colours include muted blues, greens and shades of white.